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6:30 AM Dogs woke me up early again.  Beginning to wonder if they’ll ever let me sleep past 6:00.  At least it wasn’t 5:00 I suppose.  Shawn went back to bed.  I wish I could do that.  Once I’m up…I’m up.  So, a cup of coffee and checking stuff online […]

Day 7 of 100

7:15 AM Saturday morning.  Most people get to sleep in, right?  Tell my dogs that!  They were ready to get up at 6:00!  I love weekends though, I get to enjoy the days with Shawn.  We’ve just been hanging out, drinking our coffee, watching the news and chatting this morning. […]

Day 6 of 100

8:20 AM Happy Friday!!  I didn’t crawl out of bed until 6:30 this morning.  I really did plan to get up at 5:30 and get my run in early.  Ooops.  My body needed the sleep I guess.  Rolled out of bed to take the dogs out.  I really feel how […]

Day 5 of 100

day4 1
8:00 AM Good Morning!  Crazy storms last night – dogs were up bouncing around the bed keeping me awake.  Then Bailey (the cat) brought me a bird at 5:30 this morning.  So, I’ve been up since then.  Taking a little different approach this morning.  Shawn and I spent a bit […]

Day 4 of 100

9:00 AM Woke up around 6:30 when Dallas jumped on my head and wouldn’t stop licking me.  I think she’s feeling better.  Made myself a cup of coffee, then made one for Shawn while he checked email and news before hitting the shower.   Made his lunch and snacks for […]

Day 3 of 100

8:00 AM Up at 6:30.  I made breakfast for Shawn, an over-easy egg and toast with butter!  I love toast.  When I’m watching what I eat, this is what I miss the most…bread.  Processed bread and sugar is the worst for you.  Probably why I love it so much.  I’ve […]

Day 2 of 100

6:00 AM Alarm goes off, and for the first time in quite a long time I’m eager to jump out of bed and workout!!  It’s always like this the first week of a diet/workout/challenge/you-name-it.  Whatever, I’ll take it!  I hop up, throw on my running clothes then let the dogs […]

Day 1 of 100

beginning 4
Well, here it is.  Officially the start of my 100-day challenge.  Today is day 1.  However, this post will be about my starting point.  Tomorrow I’ll actually blog about how today went. This post is probably the most difficult for me.  I’m feeling extremely vulnerable in posting my “before” pictures. […]

START – My 100-day challenge

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Well here it is.  The first post in a long time.  I’m very frustrated that I’m at this point in time.  It takes such hard work and dedication to get healthy and fit, and seems like it takes no time at all to slide right back to where I started. […]


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Update:  I’ve started a separate page for all things Farm…please visit me there! @ Happy Wife Farm I realized I haven’t posted about how things are going here on the farm.   It’s been a busy month and we are finally getting settled in and learning the ropes.  We finally […]

Life on the Farm