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Well, here it is.  Officially the start of my 100-day challenge.  Today is day 1.  However, this post will be about my starting point.  Tomorrow I’ll actually blog about how today went.

This post is probably the most difficult for me.  I’m feeling extremely vulnerable in posting my “before” pictures.  But I also feel that it’s important for me to be transparent and honest.  So often you see transformation photos after the fact.  It’s easier to post the before shot when it’s next to a sexy new after shot.  But I think that somehow steals the emotion from where I’m starting.  This post is truly about NOW.  The next 100 days you’ll get to read and see the journey to that after picture.  And hopefully when you see it 100 days from now, you’ll have a better understanding of what went into getting there.

So, here it is… taken this morning after my run (hence the red face and sweaty hair)



And while I really will not focus on my actual weight, I do think it’s important to know where I’m starting.  The number on the scale isn’t as important to me as how I’m feeling and how clothes fit, but it is a measurement for me to help track my progress.


Damn.  I weighed 160 the day I gave birth to my 9 1/2 lb son.  I’ve got some work to do!


Looking at the ACE BMI Calculator, this puts me right at the line of Grade I Obesity for my height (5’5″).  Again, these calculators and charts aren’t the end-all-be-all in fitness, but they are pretty accurate guidelines and a means to help track progress.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.16.33 AM

I will also be tracking body measurements.  These are where I feel best about tracking.  Regardless of what the scale says or charts say, this determines how my clothes fit, how I’m feeling and looking.
Chest: 42″
Waist: 39″
Hips: 44″
Thighs: 25.5″

Yikes.  My ideal waist measurement is somewhere between 27-29″.  I have TEN inches to shed!

I will also track my body fat percentage.  I use skin calipers to do this.  They are accurate enough for what I need to do, and I actually find them to be more accurate than scales and other gadgets.  They take a bit to learn how to use well, but once you get the hang of it, they’re simple.  I use this calculator then to figure it out (because I suck at math and the formula is long and complicated!)  I’m currently at 28.24% body fat.  That puts me in the “acceptable” range.  My ideal range (speaking from experience) is 15-18%.  Again…work to do!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.29.37 AM

There are also a lot of other great calculators and tools on the ACE site – you should check them out!

You may ask why 100 days?  Well, it takes a few months to create any new habit (good or bad).  This is typically why you see most weight loss or transformation challenges last 12 weeks.  Also, you really can make huge changes in your health in a few months.  But I chose 100 days because I’ll be using The Freedom Journal to help guide me through this.  It’s a journal to help you reach ANY goal in 100 days.  I won’t post the details of the actual  journal in my blog posts – but I do recommend you check it out.

My daily blog posts will be like a diary entry.  My hope is that this will allow you to understand my thoughts and emotions as I make this journey.  So, for today…I’ll be writing the blog post all day, and will publish it tomorrow morning.

My goals for this challenge?  Well, I pretty much discussed my main goals in Friday’s post.  But I will be breaking it down into short term goals every 10 days.  (the 10 days goes with the Freedom Journal format).  My first 10 days?

  • Exercise.  Daily.  Run a few times this week – not focusing on speed or distance, just run.  Remember why I used to love it.  Life weights a few times this week.  Don’t over do it, just remember what it felt like to feel strong.
  • Eat better.  I’m not going to count calories or track every bite I take using an App.  I do believe doing this is a useful tool for most people starting a new program; however, I’ve done it enough times to know what I should and shouldn’t eat.  I could probably rattle off the top of my head the calories along with the grams of protein, carbs and fat in just about everything I eat.  The plan is to just eat healthy, only eat when I’m hungry, and be mindful of what/when/how much I’m eating.
  • Drink water!  No more soda for me.  I’ll have the occasional cup of OJ, and a couple cups of coffee in the morning…but otherwise it’s H2O for this girl.
  • Blog Daily!

Easy enough.  Right?  We’ll see how it goes.   To add to my challenge here, tonight I’m starting my EMT certification.  So, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night I’ll be in class for the next 5 months.  I’m pretty excited for this opportunity to learn a new skill.  It will definitely mean a bit more planning and food preparation so that I’m not snacking or grabbing unhealthy things to eat while I’m in class.

I’m excited to get started!!  I woke up this morning eager to run…so I’m off to a good start!!

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1 year 10 months ago

Jami, you are so strong and brave. I love to watch your progress and cheer for you!

1 year 10 months ago

Jami, you are such an inspiration! Thanks for posting and getting all of us inspired and encouraged to “just do it” and get started. Looking forward to see how it all goes and the end result. Hugs, Sabrina

1 year 10 months ago

You rock!!! Now you’ve started… There’s no stopping you!!! You really are one of the strongest chicks I’ve ever known.