Day 9 of 100

8:30 AM

Woke up this morning at 6:30 when Shawns alarm went off.  That’s rare.  Usually a dog or a cat or a dream or the weather or SOMETHING wakes me up early.  This may be the latest I’ve slept in over a week!  It’s cool and raining out this morning.  Really quite lovely.  Having lived in Arizona for almost a decade, I have a new appreciation for the smell of rain.  I love it.  I need to get out in the garden today and get some new seeds in the ground to replace those that didn’t survive the surprise freeze.  It should be really easy to work the ground while it’s wet.

I had the last of the leftover sausage & eggs for breakfast with a bit of peach salsa on top, and a couple cups of coffee.  My body is starting to adjust to eating healthy again and I’m not craving the sugar nearly as much as I used to.  Today’s a strength training day… back and biceps!   I’ll try to get through the next chapter of my EMT today as well so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.  It’s the longest chapter – anatomy & physiology.  Thankfully it’s all pretty much review from my Personal Trainer cert.  But, in the wise words of my karate teacher…review is always good!

9:50 AM

Still raining pretty hard out.  I let the dogs out to romp and play, but really didn’t feel like gardening in the pouring rain.

7:30 PM

Rain finally stopped and I got outside to do some gardening.  I love working in the garden.  I’m ready for the weather to stay warm so everything will really start growing!  I’m anxious to be eating out of the garden!!   I’ll admit, the rest of the afternoon I was pretty lazy.  I actually took a short 30 minute nap until the dogs woke me up.  And I vegged out on the couch watching HGTV and reading my new herbal remedies for farmers book until Shawn called to say he was on his way home.  Then I kicked it into gear and got the dishes all done and started dinner.

Dinner was a hit.  Chicken with mushrooms and wine sauce, and a yummy salad.  I cooked the chicken in the rosemary infused olive oil I made, and also drizzled it on the salad.  It was so good!!  The Shawn and I went out to do some work around the yard for a bit.  Cut some more pine trees down, burned up the paper and tree trimmings, then hung out on the patio for a few and had a cold beer.  Now he’s making pizza bites.  I’m going to have a few.  I shouldn’t, but I’m going to.  Tomorrow I run!!


9:30 PM

Today wasn’t the best in terms of diet and exercise, but it’s ok to have an off day every now and then.  One of my goals in this challenge is to learn some balance.  To be able to have a beer and a few pizza bites now and then is ok.  Every night is not ok…just as depriving myself completely doesn’t work either.  So, in that sense, today was a success.  My steps were low today – 7432.   Tomorrow is a new day!!

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