Day 8 of 100

6:00 AM

I’ve been up for an hour.  Dallas kept throwing up.  There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of dog on your bed making puke noises!  Yuk!!   I’ve got a cup of coffee in me, and when Shawn gets up I’ll heat up some sausage/egg pie from last night for breakfast. Then load up the pine trees into the truck and head over to the farm.  Today I’ll be milking goats!!!  I’m actually looking forward to running when I get home today!!

This weekend was a little bittersweet.  It was the NorthFace Endurance challenge 50K.  I was registered to run, but obviously did not.  Partly because I’d never be able to do it with EMT class late Friday night, but I wasn’t ready to do it anyway.  After seeing the running conditions with the weather, it’s probably good I didn’t even try.  But, still a reality check on my lack of training.  I WILL be more than ready for my next big race – Blue Ridge Relay – in Sept!

12:00 PM

I had a wonderful morning at Hard Earth Farm.  I got to milk one of the goats, and I got to play with all the babies!! I’m super excited to get my fence up and the goat shed built so my babies can come home with me!  Here’s a picture of my two girls, Darcy and Heidi, enjoying one of the pine trees I brought over.


I also walked the farm dogs – for their usual 1-mile hike through the woods along the creek.  I always enjoy walking with them.  By the time I got home I already had 6,000+ steps in!  And I still need to go for my run!

For lunch I ate up the last remaining chicken & rice leftovers to make some room in the fridge.  I’m making sweet potato chili for dinner and there are always leftovers that need a spot in the fridge!  It’s also chilly here today, so I made another cup of coffee.  After playing with my own dogs for a bit I sat down to write.  Now I think I’ll head out for my run before it gets late.

Oh…and I just remembered what I had for breakfast yesterday!  LOL.  Oatmeal with almond milk, PB2, a little honey, and raisins.  Yummmmy!

3:51 PM

Got my run in.  3 miles/30 minutes.  Felt good.  Ran in my Hoka shoes today.  They take a little adjusting, but my other run shoes need to be retired to farm shoes.  The tread is gone, which means so is any support.  PMS is kicking in – the sugar cravings are strong!!  I had pecan granola bar, but it only made me want about 10 more.  Grrrrrr.  Drinking my 3rd huge glass (jar) of water.  Hopefully that helps.   Got the sweet potato chili in the crock pot cooking, so hopefully when I’m out of the shower, I can have a bowl before heading to EMT class.

10:15 PM

Sweet potato chili wasn’t done when I left.  I guess it takes a lot longer in the crock pot than it does on the stovetop.  Maybe that’s why they call it a slow cooker.   So I grabbed a couple slices of turkey lunch meat  before heading out and bag of mixed nuts and a fig to munch on in class.  I’m so glad I brought those nuts too because the doughnut lady brought homemade brownies tonight!  Ugh. Oddly,  only a few people ate them.  Maybe I’ll bring a fruit platter one night and see how it goes over!  Or cheese & crackers.  Or something healthy.   Actually, my go-to for pot lucks is a fruit platter.  Everyone always brings heavy, fattening stuff, so selfishly I bring fruit so I have something healthy to eat.  It’s funny to see how quickly it disappears, even sitting next to cookies and dips.  I really believe the body craves healthy food, and when the option is ready to eat in front of you, it’s an easy choice.  I think many people (myself included) make poor choices out of convenience alone.  Even at home, if I have fruit cut up or veggies cut up and ready to eat, I’ll quickly grab those first when I open the fridge.  If there’s watermelon and pineapple cut up, it hardly lasts a day in this house!

I had a small bowl of chili while chatting with Shawn when I got home from class with a dollop of greek yogurt stirred in.  I probably shouldn’t eat that late at night, right before going to bed, but I was hungry.  Now, heading off to bed!!  These are long days – up early and to bed late.

14,962 steps today!!  Days on the farm combined with run days rack up those steps pretty quickly!!






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