Day 20 of 100


What a crazy busy but fun day.  The morning started at 6:30 am milking the goats.  It was a lovely way to spend the morning.  A couple of hours later, I came home and ate breakfast with Shawn and our company before they had to go meet with their realtor.  Shawn makes the best eggs…loaded with mushrooms, potatoes, and peppers!  He also made bacon!  That man knows what I love!

Shawn and I spent a few hours out mowing.  Me on the zero-turn, him on the tractor.  We got a lot done!!  Then it was off to Tractor Supply.  There’s a new store closer to us and it was the grand opening.  10% off total purchase!  Well…don’t need to tell us twice!  With a long list of things to buy for the pasture fence, that’s a great savings!  I think we have everything we need now for the pasture except for the gates and some minor hardware.  We are on our way!!!





Then I went back to milk the goats again in the afternoon.  Came home in time for a quick shower before we all headed out to dinner.  There’s a great little Italian place not far from the house which is very cool, because we don’t have much nearby.  I had a chicken sandwich and some fries, and a cold beer.  Delicious!  I also had a Twix ice cream bar when we stopped at the gas station afterwards.  I adore ice cream.  I adore it even more with caramel in it.  I savored every single bite!!  We really weren’t up for too long after we got home.  Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day, so we called it a night.

Steps today: 8,276


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