Day 19 of 100

TGIF!  Where did the week go?  Got a good nights sleep and woke up ready to run this morning!  Wanted to go longer, but really wanted to do some heart rate training.  I follow the Maffetone Method of heart rate training.  It’s worked wonderfully for me in the past, so I trust it.   I knew I’d have to slow down to get into my target fat burning zone.  So, onto the treadmill I went.  Target heart rate: 130-140.  Ideally 130.  But I really was just trying to keep it under  140.  Found  myself having to take walk breaks to keep it under 140.  That’s ok.  Eventually I’ll get faster while my heart rate remains the same.  That’s the goal anyway.  Ended up doing a 10K in 1:11.  1:11 – I see that as a sign….my lucky number!  That’s an average pace of 11:26 min mile.  Not too bad.  I’m happy that I ran 10K.  Next week I’m shooting for an 8 mile run.   I love that Garmin helps me track these things… you can see everywhere that I took a walk break.  I am curious to see how long it will take for my resting heart rate to adjust.  Currently my RHR is around 65.  When I was in great running condition, it was closer to 50.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.13.12 PM

I ran in my Hoka shoes today.  I think it’s only the 4th time I’ve worn them running.  I’m really starting to like them.  I do need to get one more pair of running shoes.  Right now the Hokas are the only shoes I have fit to run in.  All my other shoes are retired to farm shoes.

After my run, I made a smoothie… banana, peanut butter, and goat yogurt.  Oh….did I mention I made 4 quarts of raw goats milk yogurt yesterday?  So yummy, and so nutritious!   Then a shower…then off to Costco to restock the fridge and pantry.  We have company coming tonight and staying for the weekend.    So, after a trip to the store, I came home and cleaned the bathrooms and ran the vacuum.   I picked up some flat bread pizzas for Shawn and I tonight, and I can’t wait to eat them!!   Spent a little time studying – reading the chapter for tonights EMT class.    Will make the pizzas in a few, then off to class…

Pizza was ok.  Didn’t eat much – made me feel bloated.  Long night at class.  I took some nuts and cherries to munch on.  Came home, chatted with company for a few, then went to bed!!

Steps: 16,579


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