Day 17 & 18 of 100

Wednesday… Today’s been a crazy kind of day.  I woke up a little late.  The dogs kept me up most of the night whining and barking at stuff.  But I managed to get my butt onto the treadmill.  I planned on running and easy 5 miles today, but around 2 1/2 miles I was feeling slightly dizzy, so I stopped at 3 miles.  I’ll try for a long run on Friday.   I was glad I finished earlier than planned, as I had a voicemail waiting from my friend that one of her goat kids hurt his leg – punctured it on something – and she asked if I could help her get it to the vet.  So, I rode with her, goat in my lap, to meet with her vet.  He cleaned and stapled up the wound and we were heading back home.  The baby goat didn’t even seem phased by the staples or anything.  It was kind of amazing.

This afternoon has been full of household chores and playing with the dogs… then off to EMT class.  We have a big test tonight – I probably should have studied more.

Evening… I had dethawed a “ham steak” yesterday.  First one from the pig slaughter, so I had no idea what to expect, but I sort of thought it would be 1/2″ slices of ham or something.  My thought was that I’d cut it up and cook it with potatoes and beans in the crock pot.  Well…it was one huge hunk of meat.  Sort of a 3″ slice.  It had a bone, and a lot of fat.  So I stuck it in the crock pot and let it cook until it fell it apart.  I shredded it and tossed out the fat/bone and stuck it back in the crock to soak up some juice and get hot again while I took the dogs out.  Well…the dogs ran off and I spent over 1/2 an hour chasing them  and didn’t have time to eat before leaving for class.  I grabbed a snack bar and ate it on the way.

I did pretty good on my test.  There was material that I certainly don’t remember seeing and I know we never covered in class, so that threw me off a bit, but I got an 82 so I’m good with that.  Came home and had some pork, then headed off to bed.

Steps: 10,990


Early morning today.  Dogs had me up at 4:45.  Drank some coffee and made Shawn and I a smoothie for breakfast.  Then I headed over to Pam’s farm at 7 to help milk the goats, and bottle feed a few whose mama isn’t letting them nurse enough.

The beauty of early morning farm work is views like this one… seriously – how do you have a bad day when it starts with this!?


When I got home I decided to mow the back yard.  With the push mower.  Our riding mower is in the shop and won’t be ready until this weekend, and it’s supposed to rain quite a bit tomorrow.  With the rider in the shop, the grass has gotten a bit unruly, and I really wanted to get it cut down before it rained.  So I pushed.  Really, it was just the back yard that had to get done – the grass is so thick over the leach beds of the septic system.  So… 6 miles later and a couple hours in the sun, and I was done.  When I came inside I grabbed an ice cold glass of water and sat down on the couch to relax and fell asleep…only to wake up when Shawn got home.  Ooops.




I may have gotten a bit of sun while I was mowing.  I need to start wearing sunscreen.  And a hat.


It ended up being a pretty lazy evening.  Shawn came home early because he wasn’t feeling great, and wasn’t hungry.  So I just heated up some left overs for dinner.  We both went to bed early.

Steps: 12,542


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