Day 15 & 16 of 100

10:00 am

Happy Monday!   Most people dread Mondays.  I like them.  It’s a fresh start.  A new week.  While I really enjoy weekends, and can get a lot accomplished, they also tend to be the days that I indulge.  Cheat days on my diet almost always fall on a weekend.  Mondays always feel good to get back at it again.

This morning was a run day, and I opted for more intervals.  I love my easy runs, but I always feel so much more accomplished when I do speedwork.  Today I stuck with my 3-2-1 workout.  All the same –

3 minutes @ 10:00 min pace
2 minutes @ 9:15 min pace
1 minute @ 8:30 min pace

6 times.  Then finished the last little bit (roughly 1/4 mile) at a 10:00 min pace to get to 4 miles.

Felt amazing!!   Came in and made smoothies for Shawn and I for breakfast.  strawberry, banana, goat milk, goat milk yogurt & honey.  YUM!!

Now, time to study!!!  Got EMT class tonight.

Day 16 – 4:45 PM

Ooops….forgot to post this.  Got home from class and after catching up with Shawn, went to bed.  Dinner last night at class was yummy – one of the guys brought in BBQ ribs.  I brought some pasta salad, and one girl brought beans.  So good!!  I ended the day with 9,843 steps.

Was up early this morning and headed over to Pam’s farm to help her deworm all 43 sheep!  When I got home, I ate the last of the left over spaghetti and took the dogs out to play, did a few things around the house and BOOM, it’s almost 5 O’clock!  Time to make dinner before Shawn gets home!!

I was excited to see my little baby peach trees growing on my walkabout… aren’t they adorable?!



9:00 PM

Shawn didn’t want a big meal tonight, so we just opted for baked potatoes.   Hung out for a bit, talked to my sister on the phone for a while, then went to bed.  Exciting night.  ha ha.

My sister sent me these awesome little healthy snack bars to help get me through my classes.  I had one already, and they are very tasty!  I love finding healthy, but convenient options.  These are just the right amount of calories and sweetness!  Thank you Becky!!


I’m thinking about making these posts weekly instead of daily.  I’ll probably track workouts and a few things each day, but only post once a week.  I feel like I’m getting really repetitive….meaning boring.  What do you think??


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