Day 14 of 100

With Shawn being sick, it wasn’t the weekend either of us thought it would be.  We had hopes of getting the fence post holes dug and the fence line planned out.  Instead Shawn tried to rest and recover from whatever he caught at work, and I pretty much hung out with him all day.  He did go out and do a bit of bush-hogging on the tractor in the afternoon when the cabin fever just got to be too much.  I opted for the push mower and did in front of the house to get a little bit of exercise in for the day.  Later that afternoon I took a short walk around  the back side of the property looking at the various plants.  I’m trying to identify most of what is growing in our future goat pasture.

One thing that is growing for sure is Blackberries!!  We have huge patches of them all over.  I probably have enough blackberries to keep Smuckers in business!  This is just one SMALL patch of them…


So far there are no berries on them…but I can’t wait until I’m picking fresh berries!


My eating was all over the place today, and not the healthiest.  I think the only thing that really saved me today was the fact that I didn’t really have any junk food in the house.  I probably  would have eaten it if there was!  One of the good things about living out in the country is that you can’t just go grab something quickly at the store or fast food place down the street…because there are none just down the street.  Closest store is a 20 minute drive.

Breakfast was a smoothie (at the request of sick hubby).  Banana, strawberries, chia seed, raw goats milk, and raw goats milk yogurt.   Lunch: left over spaghetti.  Dinner: left over spaghetti.  Snacks:  multi-grain cheerios, a couple handful of potato chips, and some ritz crackers with pepperoni & cheese.   I also had some diet cola – my first soda in in 2 weeks.  It tasted great while I drank it, but didn’t sit well in my stomach.  Tomorrow it’s back to water!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Step count: 11,897

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