Day 12 & 13 of 100 2

It’s not like me not to spend a good chunk of the day in front of the computer, but Friday and Saturday I managed to do just that.  So…y’all are getting the condensed version of 2 days in this post.  Everyone wasn’t beating my door down wondering where my post was yesterday, so I’m guessing y’all survived without knowing what I ate for lunch or if I exercises or not. 😉

Friday was a very busy day.  I went to Pam’s farm to help out with another farm tour in the morning.  I took the farm dogs for the mile walk, then helped out with the goats and alpacas.  I came home around lunch time and had a big salad and worked in the yard a bit while the dogs played.  Loaded up the crock pot with some sausage, cabbage, carrots, onions and peppers for dinner,  then hopped on the treadmill for a 4 mile run.  Didn’t want to think about changing pace or doing intervals, so just set it at a 10 minute pace and ran.  Felt great.  After a smoothie and shower, I headed to class for the night.  Came home and ate a bowl of cabbage.  Shawn wasn’t feeling too good, so we went to bed.

Step count for Friday: 16,727


Shawn was up most of the night vomiting.  Hoping it was a 24-hour bug.  I slept until almost 8:00, he had gotten up and laid on the couch.  We went to Ft Gordon so he could take care of a couple of things at the office.  I grabbed a protein bar and a cup of coffee to eat on the way.  When we got back, we went to Pams and loaded up my two boy goats into the crate so I could take them to Pam’s store and her friend could help us neuter them (we used a berdizzo tool).   After I brought the goats back to the farm and got home, I really just spent the rest of the day hanging out with Shawn on the couch.  I got up and did a few things, dishes, taking the dogs out, watering the new fruit trees… but really had a lazy afternoon.  Lunch was some turkey lunch meat with greek yogurt and olives.  Dinner was some spaghetti – thawed some frozen sauce and cooked noodles…nothing exciting.

Step count for Saturday: 6,304.  See?  Lazy day.


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1 year 10 months ago

Hey! Wondered where you were? sent you a treat…. Something we carry sometimes in the barn. It’s to help you get thru your classes! Lol! It’s almost 70 here. Got my inside chores done, time to get outside! Hope Shawn is feeling better! Have a good Sunday!!!