Day 11 of 100

6:00 AM

Good Morning!!  Woke up to my period.  (Sorry men, I know it’s not a favorite topic).  But in regards to eating and exercise, for women it’s a big deal.  One of the most common symptoms with menstruation for women is headaches.  Awful migraine type headaches.  I usually get them….when I’m not eating right or drinking enough water.  I haven’t quite pinpointed the exact cause for myself, but I do know that if I’m limiting my sugar intake and I’m staying very hydrated, I don’t typically get the headaches.  So, I’m very happy to say that my head doesn’t hurt today!

I took my measurements and weight first thing this morning when I woke up.  Weight: 174.8  that’s a loss of 3.6 lbs in 10 days.  I’m sure a pound or so of that is just water – I tend to retain water the week prior to my period.  But I’m still happy with that.  My waist measurement is also down 1″, and hips down 1/2″.  I’m pleased with this progress.  I’m even more pleased that this past 10 days has been a comfortable transition back to healthy habits.  I didn’t go crazy eliminating foods from diet, just made healthier choices.  I even had a beer and a glass of wine during these 10 days.  And while the majority of my food choices were healthy, there was that trip to huddle house, and those jelly beans I ate.  I didn’t miss any of my run days, and got most of my strength training days in.  I missed leg day.  I need to relook at my schedule…see how I can maybe double up run and weight days and leave my weekends open.  I tend to get busy on weekends and blow off workouts.

Today’s agenda?  I need to plant my apple tree this morning when the sun comes up.  Shawn pulled the dead tree last night where I want to plant it.  The roots were big, so he pulled with the tractor and a chain.  I hope I have enough fill dirt!   Today is chest and tricep workout, and this afternoon is the garden club farm tour at my friends farm that I’m helping her with.

9:00 PM

What a day!!  I worked outside most of the morning.  I got all my planting done.  Not only did I plant the apple tree, my goji berry bush arrived and I got it planted as well.  Lunch was a quick black bean burger with some greek yogurt.  I spent a little time studying, but never did get my workout done.  Boo.  my afternoon snack was an apple with peanut butter, raisins, coconut and sunflower seeds.  So delicious!  Does anyone else have issues stirring peanut butter?  I only buy PB with no additives, and I don’t like to refrigerate mine, so that doesn’t really leave any of the no-stir kinds as an option.  A few people on facebook said to store the jar upside down…so that’s how it is in my pantry now.  We’ll see.



Then I spent the afternoon at my friends farm helping her with a farm tour she was doing for a local garden club.  My jaw drops every time I walk into her high wind tunnel.  We started planting at the same time, and her plants have gone crazy growing compared to mine.  I seriously want a tunnel to grow my stuff in!!


When I got home, Shawn was just getting home from taking our mower in for repair.  He brought home pizza for dinner.  I brought home a big bag of fresh cut lettuce from the tunnel.  So, while the pizza cooked, I made us both a salad.  I had a huge bowl with tomatoes, banana peppers from the garden, pepitos, parmesan, orange slices, and my homemade rosemary olive oil!   This filled me up enough that I only ate 2 pieces of pizza.  Oooops.  Hey, I typically eat four!!

I did manage to drink a lot of water today.  So, I’m doing great on that goal.  And my step count? 7,522.  Guess I need to step it up 😉


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