Saturday… What a crazy busy but fun day.  The morning started at 6:30 am milking the goats.  It was a lovely way to spend the morning.  A couple of hours later, I came home and ate breakfast with Shawn and our company before they had to go meet with their […]

Day 20 of 100

TGIF!  Where did the week go?  Got a good nights sleep and woke up ready to run this morning!  Wanted to go longer, but really wanted to do some heart rate training.  I follow the Maffetone Method of heart rate training.  It’s worked wonderfully for me in the past, so […]

Day 19 of 100

Wednesday… Today’s been a crazy kind of day.  I woke up a little late.  The dogs kept me up most of the night whining and barking at stuff.  But I managed to get my butt onto the treadmill.  I planned on running and easy 5 miles today, but around 2 […]

Day 17 & 18 of 100

10:00 am Happy Monday!   Most people dread Mondays.  I like them.  It’s a fresh start.  A new week.  While I really enjoy weekends, and can get a lot accomplished, they also tend to be the days that I indulge.  Cheat days on my diet almost always fall on a […]

Day 15 & 16 of 100

With Shawn being sick, it wasn’t the weekend either of us thought it would be.  We had hopes of getting the fence post holes dug and the fence line planned out.  Instead Shawn tried to rest and recover from whatever he caught at work, and I pretty much hung out […]

Day 14 of 100

day12-13 2
It’s not like me not to spend a good chunk of the day in front of the computer, but Friday and Saturday I managed to do just that.  So…y’all are getting the condensed version of 2 days in this post.  Everyone wasn’t beating my door down wondering where my post […]

Day 12 & 13 of 100

6:00 AM Good Morning!!  Woke up to my period.  (Sorry men, I know it’s not a favorite topic).  But in regards to eating and exercise, for women it’s a big deal.  One of the most common symptoms with menstruation for women is headaches.  Awful migraine type headaches.  I usually get them….when […]

Day 11 of 100

day10 1
8:00 AM Today is the last day of my first 10-day sprint (from the Freedom Journal).  Only 9 more to go for this challenge!  Hard to believe it’s been 10 days already.  I’ll take weight and measurements tomorrow and see how I did.  Then it’s time to kick it up […]

Day 10 of 100

8:30 AM Woke up this morning at 6:30 when Shawns alarm went off.  That’s rare.  Usually a dog or a cat or a dream or the weather or SOMETHING wakes me up early.  This may be the latest I’ve slept in over a week!  It’s cool and raining out this […]

Day 9 of 100

6:00 AM I’ve been up for an hour.  Dallas kept throwing up.  There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of dog on your bed making puke noises!  Yuk!!   I’ve got a cup of coffee in me, and when Shawn gets up I’ll heat up some sausage/egg pie from […]

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